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 Ysenia Gomez (Giveaway Charrie)

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Forever Valissa Fabray <3

Forever Valissa Fabray <3

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PostSubject: Ysenia Gomez (Giveaway Charrie)   Ysenia Gomez (Giveaway Charrie) I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 17, 2010 3:34 pm

Ysenia Gomez ((I CAN'T FIND A PICTURE))






Ysenia stands at the height of 5'6" with a slender but curvy figure and a ruddy complexion and healthy glow about her skin from spending so much time outdoors. Her slightly small, mint green eyes with silver flecks and a dreamy, far-off look are framed by almost unnaturally long eyelashes. She has straight ash blond hair that ends just below her waist, is wavy at the ends and is often held back by a black headband - rarely a colourful accessory. You'll find a deep red ribbon on her left wrist as it's a pretty but painful reminder to her, a reminder of one of the most intense promises she has ever made in her life. As for scars, she has a long, pale one towards the top of her thigh, running across it. Another one of her more prominent scars is a bullet wound on her shoulder - questions asked about this particular wound that never quite healed are answered by a prompt glare and her signature "get outta my face" scowl.

A free spirit and as someone very fond of their independence, Ysenia spends most of her time outside and is prone to ill temper if she spends a long time indoors. Snarky and cheeky, if you asked her for one word to describe herself she would probably beam at you, strike a pose, and say, "breathtaking." She makes promises like she breathes air, and some would say that she needs to keep these promises more than she needs to breathe air - which is crazy, but quite believable in Ysenia's case. Although she is overall, an easygoing person, she has the moments where she believes there is nearly no hope and gets serious. Such moments are frightening, for both herself and other people. A bit of a show-off but partial to honour and pride, she loves to demonstrate tricks she's learned but will never back down from something that she started. Challenges? Always accepted. She has... a rough past with relationships, so she will brush off anyone who tries to get close to her.

Ysenia doesn't know when she's right or wrong. She will not apologize right away, so it's useless to expect an apology as soon as she realizes she did you wrong. Eventually, however, she will apologize. Otherwise, the guilt would keep eating and eating at her and she would just snap. She is also a softie at heart, but she keeps up the tough facade because she doesn't quite trust anything. Don't take it personally if she doesn't fall into your arms in a game of Trust, it's not because of you - it's because of her.


She plays sports. She’s very athletic.

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Ysenia Gomez (Giveaway Charrie)
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